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Vacuum Chamber

The 3 gallon vacuum Chamber is a high-quality vacuum Chamber that valuable for degassing silicone products, this Chamber extends an 3- stage pump that provides superior air quality. Additionally, the silicone kit includes a single stage pump that helps remove any residual odor, this Chamber is top-grade for shoppers scouring for an effective and efficient way to degass silicone products.

Cheap Vacuum Chamber

This cheap vacuum Chamber and 3 cfm pump kit for degassing silicone epoxy will allow you to produce an 3-gallon vacuum Chamber with enough air space to handle large quantities of dirt and air, the kit also includes an 2-inch hole saw and 3-point jigsaw. This kit effortless to handle and is designed to help you get the most out of your vacuum chamber, this 5 gallon stainless steel vacuum Chamber with pump kit is top for degassing urethanes and silicone epoxies. It comes with a silicone sorbent and a degassing epoxies kit, this small vacuum Chamber is manufactured of stainless steel and degasses urethanes and is 2 quart. This 5 gallon vacuum Chamber contains a large amount of air and makes valuable place for holding other items in and out of the vacuumed space, the vacuum Chamber also includes an 5 cfm single stage pump that will the air space. The kit includes a silicone Chamber and pump.